Minimum Length Of Wpa2 Password Crack


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The security of both systems depends on the strength of the passphrase you choseEven worse, criminals can use your internet connection to upload illegal materials, and the FBI will ring your bellHere is a sample Japanese passphrase:Table ID Charset Plaintext Length Key Space Success Rate Table Size Files Performance sha1ascii-32-95#1-7 ascii-32-95 1 to 7 70,576,641,626,495 99.9 % 52 GB64 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect sha1ascii-32-95#1-8 ascii-32-95 1 to 8 6,704,780,954,517,120 96.8 % 460 GB576 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect sha1mixalpha-numeric#1-8 mixalpha-numeric 1 to 8 221,919,451,578,090 99.9 % 127 GB160 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect sha1mixalpha-numeric#1-9 mixalpha-numeric 1 to 9 13,759,005,997,841,642 96.8 % 690 GB864 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect sha1loweralpha-numeric#1-9 loweralpha-numeric 1 to 9 104,461,669,716,084 99.9 % 65 GB80 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect sha1loweralpha-numeric#1-10 loweralpha-numeric 1 to 10 3,760,620,109,779,060 96.8 % 316 GB396 GB PerfectNon-perfect PerfectNon-perfect JP -- Japanese translated by Hiroshi Yuki, with a Japanese wordlist in Romaji by J Greely 515b946325

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